3 Hour Sessions

Each session here at RSS lasts for approximately 3 hours. It is our philosophy that true learning can happen in a 3 hour lesson.

  • Day 1 only – 30 minutes dry land training/orientation (discuss objectives of the lesson)
  • 2 and half hours of surf instruction in the water.

One 3 hour lesson is a good way to learn and not be overwhelmed with too much information, but multiple sessions is really the way to become a surfer.

Become A Surfer

To live the life, you have to put the time in. We recommend that you develop the skills and knowledge of surfing through consistent and consecutive sessions. Rincon Surf School teaches our students through a proven progressive program:


The basics and fundamentals of surfing

  • Paddling
  • Catching Waves
  • Pop-ups (standing up on your board)
  • Basic Surf Etiquette


Refining and additional skill sets

  • Improved board control and riding longer waves
  • Understanding the Ocean (Swell, Swell Direction, Wind, Current, Topography, and Tides)
  • Surfing Etiquette is further reinforced, and clarified


You are well on your way to becoming a surfer at this point and we want to really solidify the lessons already learned as well as give you some new skills.

  • Wave selection and wave reading
  • Learning different kinds of waves and breaks
  • Basic surf maneuvers (bottom turns, positioning on the wave, exiting the wave)
  • Surfing Etiquette (as you can see this is important)



If you are truly looking to become a lifetime surfer then this is the best way to get there. At this point we are helping you to refine all the skills we have worked on up to this point.

  • How to get in and out of the lineup
  • Choosing where to surf, choosing waves
  • Trying different boards and sizes (possibly)
  • Surf Etiquette (you will be the most liked person in the water at this point)


The conclusion to your full surf education, at this point you are Kelly Slater, well one can hope. Taking 5 sessions means that you want to develop the foundation of becoming a well rounded surfer. Using everything that you have learned up to this point, You are going to choose the surf spot (with a little help of course) where to go in what we are looking at.

  • Picking Surf Spots
  • Further refine your surfing maneuvers
  • Surf Etiquette (of course)