Isla Culebra (Spanish pronunciation: [kuˈleβɾa], “Snake Island”) is an island-municipality of Puerto Rico originally called Isla Pasaje and Isla de San Ildefonso. It is located approximately 17 miles (27 km) east of the Puerto Rican mainland and it’s worth visiting.


A few of us made the trip last week for a birthday adventure. From the left we have Michael Hastings-Black, Ben Montes, Quinn Knight, Matt Milone, Whit Arnold and Lindsey Bauer. This was the crew and what a team it was.


 All six of us piled into a four door sedan with 3 days of camping essentials (including surfboards) and drove across the island through the middle of the night in order to catch the first ferry leaving from Fajardo that morning.  Not an easy travel by any means and we weren’t able to bring our vehicle but it’s a beach thats worth a little extra work.


 We didn’t end up setting up at camp till midday but everybody celebrated with a great afternoon on what’s considered one of the top 10 beaches to see, followed by drinks, burgers and the best s’mores in the entire world. No joke.


Back in 1901 the US Military arrived in Culebra to establish an area for use as a firing range and to hold marine exercises. There are tanks on the beach which you can play on today.


This island has some of the most breathtaking views imaginable and lots of interesting stuff to see both in and out of the water. Don’t forget to bring your snorkeling gear and pack a towel cause you missing out if you don’t get wet on Culebra.

Photo Credits: Matt Milone and Quinn Knight.