It’s been quite a season and everyone’s been working hard at RSS. We’ve busted fins, snapped leashes, broken boards and all in the name of waves. And now that things have slowed down it’s a good opportunity to reflect on some of the highlights from the last few months.


Most clients comment on the number of boards (most of which aren’t even in this photo), that we have upon entering the RSS office. It’s wild to think about how much time they spend out in the water too. Even more, the ding repair that’s never ending. We do our best to maintain their integrity though and this particular slice of a shortboard quiver has treated us well in return.


Brian Morse, a.k.a. B-Mo put in a solid season coaching for us this year. There’s nothing we take more serious than finding the best conditions  available before paddling out and as you can see, him and his client are about to enjoy a glassy window of waves in the backyard.


Not the highest number of swells and the waves weren’t gnarly as seasons past, but we were fortunate to see some special places doing their thing. Suppose that’s the perk of the never ending hunt for surf.


While early morning surf sessions are the best way to start the day, you never really know what you’re gonna get. Even when the conditions aren’t what you hoped, you never walk away mad at yourself for getting on it early. This is just one example of us setting the pace on a dawn patrol mission with Brian Young and Ben Montes.


Big groups, small groups, one on ones and everything in between and for all ability levels. That’s what we do. Above is one of the many great groups we had the pleasure of teaching this year. Everybody worked hard, caught waves and walked away stoked, just the way we like it.


Some might even say you can find us at the end of the rainbow.


Billy Moore has stepped it up as our little guy specialist. This is him and Sebastian working on a proper stance. If you’re trying to introduce your children to surfing we have the best man for the job so remember to request Billy and give your kids the gift of waves.


Over 20 long boards in our quiver and some days they are all out in the water. As safe as possible, of course. One of the hardest things about our job here is making the call on where to surf. This particular day was exactly what we could hope for in terms of conditions, rolling in nice and mellow just down the hill from the RSS headquarters.


But as much as we like to keep it in the neighborhood, sometimes it requires a bit of driving to find what you’re looking for.  This particular guided adventure took us up north to Las Dunes. More exposure for more of a wave.


In surfing, we often have to think on our toes and adapt as it comes. When a couple coaches dipped out Jeff Anthony hopped in the mix and was a stellar addition to the RSS team. This was one of the best days we saw all year at parking lots and Jeff made the most of it.


Even when he’s crouching to get barreled Ben Montes stands narrower than most. This guy’s got a style of his own and he caught some great waves throughout his winter in PR. We couldn’t have done it without you this season Ben.


This island holds a ton of beauty. Even though you’ll pass something time after time, every so often you catch that window and have to take a moment.


Ever feel like right as you pull up the best looking set all day just happens to roll through?  There’s a reason nobody was on this one. It’s not to say it wasn’t makable by any means. Just think about what happens when you’re stuck on the inside on a day like this. Wave selection is key.


Looking from far is sometimes the best way to get a grasp on that which is coming your way. #SwellLines


It takes a lot for Tres Palmas to work and when it does a lot of people are straight up scared. And understandably so. This day of the swell was a little more manageable and as you can see, a few of us walked away with some great waves on what was probably the best day of the year.


It’s fun to surf with your friends but honestly, breaking away from the pack can sometimes pay off and you’ll find that nobody else is on it.

Rincon Sunset

While the season is technically over, we’ll have more for you soon. It’s not too late to come party with the RSS crew and it’s not too early to start planning a trip for next season either. We’re here all year people!