A photo of a photo of what they call stoke. From the left we have Meagan, Kiera, Nancy, Timmy, Mary, and our late arrival Torrey gearing up for a surf. Coaches Billy Moore and Brian Young lead the session up to Jobos for a fun family surf adventure.


Straight off the plane and immediately paddling out. She said it was her first time but I don’t believe her. They literally picked her up at the airport, came straight to the beach and hit the waves. Not many people manage to paddle into their own waves on the first day either.


Meagan put in a solid few days. On this one you can notice her reading what’s coming, keeping that head up just like we taught her.


Kiera got some good time on her feet. Right off the bat she was looking to turn and find that line. A few more days with us and she might have found #ShackTown.


Student turned professor Timmy B. Taussig set the pace of the session. And, he didn’t miss out on the opportunity to show off his skills for all the women in his life. It’s been a real treat watching him grow in and out of the water these last few months.


Behold, a mother-daughter wave with Mary and Nancy. After a few attempts getting to her knees Nancy managed to trust her stance and get all the way up, as you can see.


Billy and Meagan were too busy making a safe exit to even notice Mary’s sick ride just a few feet behind them. She was all smiles with bent knees and solid steez.


Everybody learned a lot, worked a lot, put in the water time and finished strong. Thanks for bringing down the family to see what we do in Puerto Rico, Timmy!