We scored over the last couple days in Rincon. Our generous ocean offered up some Northwest swell which was gratefully accepted. That’s right, we put in some water time. The following are some of the better shots that the RSS crew walked away with, compliments of Travis Moore.


Pete Connolly on this one, getting comfortable as he sets his line.


Timmy Tuassig here, throwing some weight into his angle of approach.


Chris Poe a.k.a. Chicken Poe, doing his thing.


After a while, Lucas Moore finally decided to join us. Pete might not have made this wave but he did make it abundantly clear he is not OK with Lucas showing up and immediately going for whichever waves he wants. Even amongst friends, we maintain some form of etiquette.


Meanwhile, David Burg was busy making a quick adjustment forward to keep that power source rolling.


As you can see though Lucas still found his way into a few proper waves, and with style.


And this is the risk you take when logging leash-less. Luckily the 10’2″ being the tank that she is, wasn’t too banged up from her trip over the reef into the sand. What a beast.


 No joke, all to ourselves. It really doesn’t get much better. From the left is Pete Connolly, Lucas Moore, Chris Poe, Timmy Taussig and Whit Arnold.  David is out of frame and surfing away from the crowd on this one. It was a day of surfing which will be remembered.


It might be a good time to start thinking about coming to join in on the fun if you haven’t already.