Our apologies on the amount of time since our last post. We’ve had quite a busy few weeks at RSS and yes, there have been waves.


 We were recently treated with the biggest waves Rincon saw all season. Tres Palmas picked up fast and as you can see it wasn’t exactly what one would call inviting waves the entire time.


But, we saw some beautiful moments as well as talented surfers that were there to finagle a wave or two. Above, one picture perfect set that managed to sneak through unridden.


This is one from the first day while the swell was filling in. Only a few were willing to attempt it (including Garret McNamara), but this is one of the last ridable waves before the wind pulled an afternoon switcheroo.


While there weren’t many giving it a go on these lefts, it was quite a show when they did and a lot of surfers walked away with stories to tell. It would be nice to see another swell this significant before the season comes to an end, but our chances are slim. This was without a doubt an exciting few days and a lot of us are still frothing.