Billy and I started the day off with a drive up into Isabella on a hunt for waves. It wasn’t really kickin’ here in Rincon so we planted ourselves up north for a little more exposure.


It was small but barely any people were on it. Honestly, it was just what you could hope for a lesson.


Shelly, who has worked with us a few times now–made us proud by taking advantage of the occasional line that connected all the way down the beach.


Her sister Amy hopped in on the trip this time and gave surfing a try for her first time ever. Amy put up a solid performance too. She came into RSS thinking she wouldn’t even be able to stand up on a board and ended up walking away with a handful of waves like this one.


 No surprise, Billy put his heart and soul into the session. Flippers and all.


A few people showed up as as you can see in the background of this shot, but all together you had your choice of whichever waves you wanted. This particular moment was on their way to the beach for a quick scenic break.


As always, perspective can  often have a positive influence on how you read the waves at a spot.


Our intern Timmy Taussig managed to sneak his was up north to snag a few as well. It’s been fun watching this kid progress while he’s been surfing in Puerto Rico.


Our second activity for the day was a trip to San Sabastian to play around at the waterfalls. We first made the hike up to the top waterfall for a quick dip.


You never really know what you’re gonna get when you go to San Sabastian. This time of year, if there’s rain you’ll see a lot of water moving but sometimes it’s on the mellower side. This day we caught it right in the middle.


We got word once we got there that school had just gotten out for summer. And personally, I’d never seen so many people hanging there before.


 These waterfalls are a great Puerto Rican day trip and even with a lot of people, there’s enough room for everyone to have fun. Rope swings, cliff jumps, or in this case a water slide. Don’t forget to inquire about a waterfall tour as an after-surf adventure when you come to visit.